The company BM TECH sp.z o.o. was established in 2016 in Warsaw.

The headquartels of BM TECH is located in Warsaw at ul. Ateńska 10/15, while the workshop and production plant is located in Międzyborów (about 40 km from Warsaw).


BM TECH sp. Z o.o. offers design, engineering and service products and services for industry and power plants. The company has experience in folowing fields of the economy:

  • energy (power plants, waste incineration plants, combined heat and power plants),
  • chemical industry (refineries, nitrogen plants, technical gas production plants, sulfur processing plants, chloride production plants, etc.),
  • paper industry,
  • food industry (sugar factories, dairies),
  • steel industry.

The wide range of products includes fittings for regulation, shut-off, transport of liquid and gaseous media, measuring and regulating devices, and sensors for technological lines.


Our technical team guarantees support in process optimization, configuration and product selection. We carry out maintenance and service works on installations and in our workshop.

We will make every effort to become a competent partner for you in the field of production safety, technology optimization, alternative solutions that go beyond a single manufacturer.



We invite You to co-peration!