• Service of control valves.
  • Service of cryogenic valves.
  • Service of measuring equipment.
  • Service of dampers and on-off valves.
  • Service of safety valves.
  • We have a mobile diagnostic and workshop service.
  • Consulting and engineering services related to the selection of fittings.
  • Design for flows.
  • Valve automation.
  • Project coordination and implementation.
  • Delivery of high-quality fittings.
  • Integrated technical documentation.


Periodic inspections of installations and production processes

Regular periodic inspections and servicing of Installations, valves, actuators and accessories significantly extend their lifetime and trouble-free operation. The benefits that result for you from such an approach are for us not only satisfaction, but also a diligent duty in our daily work. The report you receive from the inspection / service of the valve and actuator installation includes information related to the replacement / repair of individual components and the approximate date of the next service and its technical scope. Our database and post-service marking will help you decide "what and when we need to do, repair, replace" - the so-called Predictive Maintenance. This will allow the User to properly plan the repair budget and reduce it to a minimum. Thanks to this approach, you are able to determine the optimal moments for the implementation of technical services.

By maintaining devices and systems in the above manner, it is possible to achieve longer service life and reduce the total cost of maintaining the installation. At the same time, it allows for a significant reduction in the risk of damage or failure.

Technical consultancy

We offer you not only access to spare parts for valves, actuators and other supporting fittings, but we also provide services in the field of technical consultations, technical audit as well as repair and modernization works. We will make it easier for you to find the causes of repeated failures and eliminate them from the production cycle.


We provide maintenance services related to the general overhaul of the valve and actuator, bringing it, in fact, to the factory condition. Our prices are very competitive, and the service of the device has a permanent guarantee.