Plant Equipment


The wide range of our products includes fittings for regulating, shutting off, transporting liquid and gaseous media, measuring and regulating devices, and sensors for technological lines. Below we present the areas of application and types of fittings offered by us.


We sell:

- Regulating and ON / OFF dampers and temperature controllers

- Control valves and ball valves

- Drives, positioners

- Temperature sensors and transmitters

- Pressure and differential pressure transmitters

- electromagnetic and thermal flow meters

- Safety valves

- Optical and inductive sensors and gas chromatographs

- Magnetic level gauges


Application areas of fittings

- Energy, chemical, metallurgical, paper, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, heating, gas and water and sewage industries

Types of fittings

- Centric, triple and quadruple eccentric dampers

- Overflow valves

- Safety valves - conventional, piloted, power assisted

- Changeover valves

- Security plates

- Check valves

- Shut-off and shut-off valves

- Regulating valves

- Knife and wedge gate valves

- Ball valves

- Breathing and bottom valves

- Dehydrators

- Level gauges

- Plastic valves


Special fittings

- Individual selection of technical configuration adjusted to the type of application

- Armature control cabinets



- Electric and pneumatic actuators

- Manometers and flow meters

- Flanges and counter flanges according to DIN / ANSI

- Seals


Valve service

- warranty and post-warranty stationary and mobile

- repair of all types of fittings

- TUV / UDT or other required authentication