Maintenance services

Repair and modernization of valves and actuators

The company BM TECH sp.z o.o. has the appropriate competences and an experienced team of service technicians, providing repair and replacement services for individual components worn in the valve and actuator life cycle. We start our work with a technical audit of the valve and actuator. Before starting the diagnostics in the process of disassembling the components, we perform a valve or actuator tightness test using calibrated devices and locating the leakage. Component diagnostics, i.e. finding the cause of a leak or defect, consists in measuring the sensitive dimensions of individual parts and relating them to the factory dimensions. This allows you to minimize service costs and define time intervals for new inspections and their scope (Condition Based Maintenance). The user of the products is able to plan the necessary inspection and reduce the time needed for its implementation, and thus eliminate or minimize the time of technical downtime of a given installation.